The New Standard for Bulk Wine


Our bulk wine is made and blended at our

winery in Valley View, OH. Each year, we

bring in only selected grapes from the

best vineyards in the nation.


We consistently source the best fruit from

California, Oregon and Washington State.

We also supply wineries far of the Rockies

to the East Coast with the finest bulk wine

in the market.

  • Our bulk wine is priced by quantity purchased. 

  • Our bulk wine minimum purchase is 280 gallons (smaller volumes are negotiable).

  • IBC totes are also available for sale ($190.00 for a 280 Gal, and $230.00 for a 330 Gal IBC tote).

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Our Winemaker

Dominic Bosch

Wine Production Manager & Winemaker


Australian Winemaker Dominic Bosch has worked in the Wine Industry for over twenty five years, gaining knowledge, expertise and mastering his skills in many different wine regions from all over the world; USA (Michigan, Ohio), California (Napa Valley, Paso Robles), Australia, Chile, New Zealand and Europe.

He completed a Master of Oenology (Winemaking) and Advanced studies in Viticulture at the University of Adelaide to improve his understanding of the whole wine industry from grape to bottle and sales.

Through his career, he has accumulated more than 280 awards, including International trophies, double golds, best in class and achieving top of a region status.

Dominic has also vast experience in wine faults adjustment and treatment with cutting edge technology such as Reverse Osmosis, Ion exchange and ultrafiltration gained through his own family business in Australia.