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Our wine services are delivered with utmost professionalism and expertise.


Contract Winemaking
If space is your constraint, we can make your wine at our facility from grape to bottle, matching your specs and style requirements.
Call us for a quote and availability.

Reverse Osmosis

Wine Concentration:

It helps to enhance body structure and intensify the aromatic profile.

This process is highly recommended during wet Summers when grape juice is watery and dull, and whenever the Winemaker needs to “extract” the best quality possible.


VA adjustment 

It helps to adjust high VA levels down to palatable and commercially appropriate levels, without compromising quality.


Other Wine Fault adjustment:

On request, we can also treat other wine faults that might be impacting the good quality of your wine.


Cross Flow Filtration

Wine filtration:

This technology allows you to sterile filter your wines in a gentler and cost efficient way, minimizing the impact of oxygen and preventing filter aid flavors in your wine.

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