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Collinwood Grape Company
Since 1945

Collinwood Grape


We look forward to working with you to meet your

standards and goals. With our extensive buying

experience, we can offer our expertise to assist in your

selection. With our network of shipping, we can supply

any amount to satisfy your business needs, from 1 ton to

100 tons. Shipments often come from vineyard to your

winery within 48 hours in refrigerated trucking. We have

the flexibility to combine several grape varieties, including

those from different AVAs in one load, to save you money

on freight.

Also, we have pioneered the option for wineries East of

the Rockies to contract acreage so they can determine

viticulture practices suiting their requirements. Along with

the need to deliver grapes in pristine condition, we have

developed our system to pre-cool grapes prior to

shipment in specialized containers, allowing us to bring

fruit of the best quality and like tasting grapes in the


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