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We are the LARGEST and OLDEST wine grape and juice seller in Ohio. All of our wine grapes are from northern California near Napa Valley (Lodi/Woodbridge), and Washington Sate. 

We look forward to working with the most demanding wine maker. Give us your parameters for harvest: Sugar, Ph, yield per acre, age of vines, clone, valley or mountainside, so many choices leave you in the driver's seat. Of course, based on our extensive buying experience, we can offer our expertise for your purchase. With our network of shipping, we can supply any amount to satisfy your business needs, from 1 ton to 100 tons. Shipments often come from vineyard to your winery within 48 hours in refrigerated trucking. We have the flexibility to combine several grape varieties, including those from several different areas in one load, to save you money on freight.  

Our full wine making supply store with testing laboratory is coming soon! LET US HELP YOU MAKE GREAT WINE!!! We have helped many wineries to produce wines they could only have imagined.